Since 1995, when most personal computer users were just beginning to explore the internet from within Compuserve and AOL, I've been developing content for the web.  I worked on a team that was contracted to "hyperlink" documents for one of the auto industries' first intranets, known then as GM Online.  Years later, I was involved in the development and launch of an early version of the widely recognized and respected experiential learning portals called Socrates. 

In recent years, I expanded both my education and professional experience to include instructional systems design and e-Learning.  I have both lead and participated on teams that developed web-based training modules for corporations such as GM, Ford, Volkswagen, and Chrysler, just to name a few. As such, most of my work is proprietary and not available for my online portfolio, but I continue to add examples to the site that are accessible to the public.  

Fraser Web and eLearning Solutions, LLC is the business name, but when you choose FWES for your project, you are selecting a team of talented designers, artists and writers who collaborate on projects large or small.  Contact us soon and let us help you plan and grow your business online!